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Hosting and managing an admin can be quite complex and time-consuming. “Mobile Design” can host and manage your company on the backend (email and database creation/system mamangement) with confidence.

About Mobile Design:
Mobile Design, LLC is a Full Media Agency with Mobile Design and Development concentration, headquartered in Seattle, Washington and a branch in Tokyo, Japan. The mobile design and development services that we provide are both for The United States and Japanese markets.

“Mobile Design, LLC” began with a small group of guys working together at a mobile content providing company in Tokyo. Having worked first-hand with large companies and directly with users, we understand the challenges that face the corporate giant (who simply want to push out their product) and the mobile user (who wants a great mobile experience). Unfortunately, these 2 conflict with each other, much like David and Goliath.

The Tokyo team works from Tokyo and I work both in the United States and Japan, traveling back and forth from time-to-time. Our experience creating UI and UX designs for companies such as Microsoft, Bing FOX TV Japan and AT&T has helped improve our experience and from this, we bring to your company.

Feel free to CONTACT US for any or all of your mobile website design and development solutions: EMAIL

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